The Blockley Partnership is a long established practice situated in the centre of Tunbridge Wells. It has been situated on Mount Ephraim since 1936 and is an ideal mix of old and new. The building is a beautiful old Georgian house with convenient off-road parking, and contains modern dental surgeries that allow us to provide high quality dental care in a pleasing environment.

If you are a new patient, we would like to take this opportunity of welcoming you to our practice.

This website will answer some basic questions, but if you require additional information, please do not hesitate to ask.

Our aim is to provide good dental health for you and your family through preventive dentistry. By giving you regular advice and helping you understand how to care for your teeth yourself, we will reduce the need for dental treatment.

We are happy to discuss your individual dental needs at any time.


At the Blockley Partnership our main approach to dental care is prevention. Whilst long term control of dental disease is the patient’s responsibility, we hope that with our help patients can keep their teeth for life.

Prior to your first visit you will be sent an information package about our services. On your arrival our Practice Manager will help you complete a form which covers some basic details, including a medical and dental history.

Your dentist will then conduct an initial consultation which is often supplemented with dental x-rays. This determines how healthy your mouth is.

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